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My name is Maria. I love to think and talk about the future of AI and if you ask me we should all do! Because it will take only a few years for artificial intelligence to shape our everyday lives.

I’m a futurist and I’m currently working as a Senior Researcher at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. My job and my passion is to talk to experts about their new business models, products and visions of the future – and be sure I keep asking until I got my answer 😉 As a Senior Researcher I’m responsible for the conception, coordination and independent implementation of future studies and analyses. I did research on the future of buildings, logistics, intellectual property to the future of customer dialogue. And it all came to one topic: Artificial Intelligence. That’s why I’m now focussing on AI. How does it work? How will AI change our businesses? How will AI change our society and at the end the life of each of us? This blog is about the meaning of artificial intelligence for the future.

And yes, I’m not a programmer. So this blog is not so much about coding – others can talk much better about codes and the technology behind AI. ;P

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