2b AHEAD ThinkTank

The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank is One of Europe’s Most Modern Trend Institutes. Our team of futurists and scientists views itself as a business think tank with the most extensive network of innovators in German business. We truly live out our mission of developing business models of the future for our customers, for whom we act as potential-development managers.

2b AHEAD Trend Studies

In scientific trend studies, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank analyzes the opportunities and risks presented to its customers by current trend developments in work specifically tailored to their businesses. In doing so, the institute does not only conduct analysis within a given industry, but also considers, beyond the limits of the customer’s industry, all players who will shape that particular business model in the future. Ultimately, the relevant trends involved differ greatly even for companies within the same industry. With its in-depth analyses, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank helps its customers understand who is driving the their trend environment, and for what reasons. With its “trend cycle method,” 2b AHEAD sharpens its customers’ strategic views of the changes in their individual trend cycle, and of the ensuing consequences for their own business models.

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